Strain Gauge Displacement Sensor AML/SGD

AML/SGD High Accuracy Strain Gauge Displacement Sensor

The AML/SGD strain gauge displacement sensor is the flagship performer in our range, offering 0.1% accuracy on ranges up to 50mm and 0.15% accuracy on the 100mm version.  Being strain gauge-based the AML/SGD requires very low power (29mA @ 10Vdc excitation) and also provides a high output sensitivity to ensure lowest possible noise.

The compact Ø17.4mm budy diameter design features a spring loaded plunger with a superbly smooth operating action that gives sub-micron resolution and an operating life of many millions of cycles.  These qualities make the AML/SGD for many long-term research and testing applications.  Read More…AML/SGD Strain Gauge Displacement Sensor Dimensions

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  • Product Overview
  • Stroke Ranges: 0 to 5mm to 0-100mm
  • mV/V Strain Gauge Output
  • Environmental Protection: IP54
  • Ultra-Smooth Spring-Loaded Action
  • High Accuracy: ±0.1% up to 0-50mm / ±0.15% on 0-100mm

The strain gauge bridge design offers low power consumption (less than 29mA @ 10 Vdc) and a high output sensitivity (more than 5mV/V).  These features make the sensor suitable for use with all common types of strain gauge input instrumentation including indicators, displays, amplifiers, signal conditioners, data acquisitions systems, digitisers and PLCs and wireless telemetry systems.  Our most popular instrumentation accompaniments configurations are shown below.

The high stability, precision and long life span of the AML/SGD makes it ideal for all types of analytical or reference use or for long term testing where excellent stability and thermal performance are of paramount importance.

The AML/SGD uses extremely high quality components to ensure long-term trouble-free operation even after tens of millions of cycles.  We can provide customisation to suit your application so please contact us to discuss the possibilities.